Call Buttons & Call Points from LRS

Whether you are in retail, manufacturing, health & safety or disabled facilities we have the call response buttons you need.

These call buttons are all made by us
with unique features and benefits that no other pager call systems have.

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Alarm and Machinery Integration for Health and Safety



Our new OEM-TX can work wonders in manufacturing, health and safety and even in retail or where disabled people need help.

Paging Dry Contact Alarm System


Waterproof Call Buttons and Call Points

xpOur great new call buttons for Retail help you increase your service to customers and will actually increase sales too.

Retail Call Buttons and Call Points

Call Buttons and Call Points - Wireless Operated Push for Service

Today, call buttons and call points are a massively growing sector of our business.

We supply many industries where these devices are used for example: manufacturing, retail, hospitality, health and safety areas, disabled facilities and alarm integration of one type or another. Check out our catalogue of products.

Its likely that we will have call buttons that are suitable for your business and these can send a message to our pagers (whether alphanumeric or buzzer or beeper types) for instant notification.

We even now have products that can send out an SMS text message to you if necessary as notification that someone needs assistance.


Long Range Systems UK

We are a worldwide manufacturer of equipment utilising the latest technology in the industry so you can be assured that all our paging systems will work to the highest standards.


Call Button and Call Point Features:

Our Call buttons offer some quite unique features and benefits which are not available from anywhere else as we have patents on our designs:

  • Can be battery powered
  • Paged text when batteries run low (up to 1 year on one set)
  • Special repeat page for some systems
  • Cancel page to staff to confirm that the call has been attended to
  • Repeaters to extend the range
  • Some systems are completely waterproof
  • Systems are typically capable of being sprayed or wiped with liquids for anti bacterial purposes
  • Systems meet ALL UK frequency specifications
  • Systems are CE Approved for Europe
  • All systems are RoHS compliant


Satisfaction Guaranteed on all Systems

We offer a 14 day trial of all equipment so you have piece of mind when you consider our products. We stand behind our products and as a manufacturer our customers are the most important thing to us.

If you are a dealer we have new pricing structures for resellers.The pricing you will get from us is at least as competitive as most other companies get from other sources - save money!

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The best call buttons and call points available - welcome to our world

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