About Long Range Systems UK

We are a well established organisation and have had the UK office since 2001. Please contact us if you need more information.



Alarm and Machinery Integration for Health and Safety



Our new OEM-TX can work wonders in manufacturing, health and safety and even in retail or where disabled people need help.

Paging Dry Contact Alarm System


Waterproof Call Buttons and Call Points

xpOur great new call buttons for Retail help you increase your service to customers and will actually increase sales too.

Retail Call Buttons and Call Points


Antibacterial Pagers

demoYou might not think bacteria could play a part in paging systems. But you could actually be extending the life of bacteria and viruses by allowing transmission of bugs between customers or staff.

Our pager equipment can be usesd with sprays or liquids to disinfect against those bugs.

Pagers that are SAFE for Customers without the risk of bacteria or viruses

About Us

The Long Range Difference

We are a world wide pager manufacturer. We started way back in 1993 when we invented the very first coaster pager in the world.

Since then we have developed some world leading and fantastically effective products that are designed for customers exact needs.

We have even been known to develop custom modifications where necessary (assuming volume orders).

Please also visit our other websites - some more specialised and some general:

pager.co.uk   lrspagers.co.uk  hospitalpagers.co.uk

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HQ in Dallas TX.

Long Range Systems Inc. is based in Dallas Texas, USA.


UK Offices

This is a website of the UK offices. We have been in the UK since 2001 and have grown exponentially since the offices were opened at that time. We still grow today - even in recessionary times simply because our products are unique and offer exactly what people need to enhance their business no matter in which sector you may be in.


Antibacterial Technologies

One of our developments is in the area of products that are antibacterial in use. We achieve this with a couple of methods. Firstly, our products are sealed, they have no speaker grilles or other holes that harbour bacteria. Secondly, we can handle sprays and liquids so that you can clean the pagers to reduce or eliminate the risk of passing on serious bacteria or viruses that could kill.


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The best call buttons and call points available - welcome to our world

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