Safety and Call buttons for manufacturing

Our call buttons and health and safety products (including first aid buttons) are some of the best available, but only cost a fraction of the price of other companies.



Alarm and Machinery Integration for Health and Safety



Our new OEM-TX can work wonders in manufacturing, health and safety and even in retail or where disabled people need help.

Paging Dry Contact Alarm System


Waterproof Call Buttons and Call Points

xpOur great new call buttons for Retail help you increase your service to customers and will actually increase sales too.

Retail Call Buttons and Call Points


Antibacterial Pagers

demoYou might not think bacteria could play a part in paging systems. But you could actually be extending the life of bacteria and viruses by allowing transmission of bugs between customers or staff.

Our pager equipment can be usesd with sprays or liquids to disinfect against those bugs.

Pagers that are SAFE for Customers without the risk of bacteria or viruses


Paging Devices for use in Manufacturing Facilities - Health and Safety or First Aid and more..


We have a number of products that can be used in manufacturing as follows:

Butler XP Waterproof help call point

This is a recent installation of first aid systems we installed in to a large manufacturer.

This site was quoted DOUBLE our cost for 8 points by one of our competitors.

That's bad but the real scary thing is that we supplied 25 points for less than half their quoted price for 8 points!


Our Butler XP in a manufacturing site

Our butler XP was in fact developed for a really different use than manufacturing, but the truth is, that the butler XP is almost bombproof. Its completely waterproof, works on just two AA batteries for up to a year (and when they run low the unit will page you and tell you to change the batteries) and is probably the lowest cost highest quality device on the market today.

Where health and safety or first aid needs are required there is no time to lose - it could cost someone their life. This little unit will page either you, a group of people or everyone with just one button press for a FAST response.

This unit can send out a page - and page again until responded to by the necessary personnel - then, when you swipe a pager over the front of the unit, it can send out a page to tell everyone that the problem has been attended to - if that's what you need. If you don't? We just turn that feature off.

An awesome piece of equipment that is available in a range of colours. If you need more on this item just fill out our contact form.


OEM-TX Multi dry contact multiple use transmitter

oem-tx m-8
This unit is brand new but can be used extensively in manufacturing and/or machine use for monitoring (for example).

See below for further information


The OEM-TX is currently our newest product and it includes some quite unique features as follows:

  • 7 dry contacts (open or closed) If the state changes then the transmitter will page you
  • Can use multiple 'buttons' on the dry contacts so its like having seven buttons
  • Extended range signal boosters available
  • Uses 459.100Mhz and 2.4Ghz (not Wi-Fi)
  • Robust novel design and can be stand alone depending on configuration

The OEM-TX multi button transmitter is a unique unit for manufacturing, retail and other business styles and can easily be used for monitoring equipment (or people), health & safety or first aid.

We have other products for manufacturing also.

For further details on these products please do fill out our contact form.




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