Wireless call points - trials of equipment



Alarm and Machinery Integration for Health and Safety



Our new OEM-TX can work wonders in manufacturing, health and safety and even in retail or where disabled people need help.

Paging Dry Contact Alarm System


Waterproof Call Buttons and Call Points

xpOur great new call buttons for Retail help you increase your service to customers and will actually increase sales too.

Retail Call Buttons and Call Points


Antibacterial Pagers

demoYou might not think bacteria could play a part in paging systems. But you could actually be extending the life of bacteria and viruses by allowing transmission of bugs between customers or staff.

Our pager equipment can be usesd with sprays or liquids to disinfect against those bugs.

Pagers that are SAFE for Customers without the risk of bacteria or viruses


Trial of Equipment


14 Day Trial Period

We pride ourselves on offering a 14 day trial period for customers - again an LRS first in the world. You will find that other manufacturers either skimp on warranty or trial periods or both.

Don't believe us? Check those guys out for yourself...  remember we told you.

We look forward to talking with you about our equipment and products and services so please do fill out our contact form and we will get back to you soon.
































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The best call buttons and call points available - welcome to our world

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