Call Buttons UK

Call buttons and table call buttons are now critical in ensuring social distancing.They are now essential in most business. We supply many industries where these devices are used including: table call buttons for restaurants pubs and bars, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, health and safety areas, disabled facilities and alarm integration. Call Buttons can improve  customer satisfaction and staff productivity levels.
Check out our range of products. Its likely that we will have call buttons that are especially suitable for your business and all of our call buttons can send a message to our pagers (alphanumeric text or buzzer or beeper types) for instant notification. From every day simple solutions maybe in unmanned reception areas through marine super yachts buttons for guests and health and safety emergency situations.

Health & Safety

H&S EMERGENCY call response  buttons

We offer the perfect ANSWER to fix communication problems within health & safety. Instantly call for first aid or message other staff to attend an emergency incident. Learn more about our Robust H&S call buttons.


Highest Quality Call Buttons

High quality designer  call buttons

Extreme quality designer call buttons for yachts (available for other uses too). Allow guests to relax knowing assistance or a waiter is just a push of a button away. Find out more about the Designer Call Buttons.


Push for Service Table Call Buttons

quality push for service POINTS

Push for service table call buttons are the perfect answer for restaurants, high end bars and pubs. Guests can easily recall waiters by pressing a high quality unit placed near or on the tablewhile maintaining social distancing: Table Call push for service buttons.

Long Range Systems UK

We are a worldwide manufacturer of equipment utilizing the latest technology in communications so you can be assured that all our paging systems and other communications solutions will work to the highest levels - guaranteed!

Push for Service Call Buttons

Our Highest quality call buttons are the perfect answer for yachts, tables in restaurants and bars where customers are able to recall staff or waiters easily is essential while maintaining social distancing. Not only do these custom units look great but they also improve customer and staff experience dramatically and can greatly add to service levels offered.

Table Call Buttons.

The Pronto Table Call Buttons have up to 6 differently programmed buttons that can help maintain social distancing while at the same time enhancing customer experience. This 6 button system in restaurants pubs and bars allows guests or customers choose any one of six specific services they might require. Create the perfect way to have customers contact staff for service with our  Pronto Table Call Button.


Customised PFS Call Buttons

Our NEW deluxe customised call for service button (also known as a push for service or PFS button) is perfect for most business needs, The clean small design is available is almost any colour so that the button can really be apart of your brand. And new features include custom text engraving to your exact needs. These call buttons will easily work well with your decor because of the many hundreds of colour options available.

Guests can call for service at any time, perfect for the catering industry where speed of service is essential to their experience. Take to table waiters can be recalled instantly in any restaurant when the customer wants more food or drink, So not only does this improve the customer experience and the staff productivity but it can also increase your table turns and profitability with reduced wait times.


Metalised Call Button

Our metalised call buttons are sometimes used for yachts, restaurants and bars that are looking for an alternative style from other designs. This unit can be supplied in almost any colour and is reasonably common in many environments. They also improve customer and staff experience. Please be aware that because the casing is metal that range will be reduced thus necessitating additional equipment in some situations.

This is a heavy button housing and while that is a requirement for some uses it can also be detrimental if dropped.


The Original Call Button Box

This design has been available for some time and has been a top seller over the years. Made of wood with a long range for most sites. It can also have two buttons that are programmed for different messages. The example shown is in black, but there are wooden and other colours available also.  This is a very professional service button that allows gusts and customers to recall staff or waiters at any time. The box example on the left is from a recent super yacht we have supplied. The call button covers all of the yacht and allows staff to be recalled from anywhere. Find out more about Push for Service Button

Alert staff of an emergency or assistance instantly.

With our push for service and call for help buttons staff are able to quickly respond to the page. Improving customer service and potentially saving lives with our H&S emergency call..

Health and Safety Emergency Call Buttons

Our Health and Safety call buttons are a fast, reliable and robust solution for first aid response.

Butler XP First Aid & Emergency Call Buttons

When there is a emergency situation it is important that first aiders are instantly called because every second counts, there is no time to lose when there is an emergency as it could cost someone their life.

The reliable wireless Butler XP emergency call button is the perfect solution for recalling first aiders. When the Butler XP button is pressed it instantly pages the first aid team (the butler XP can be modified so that it pages a individual person or a group). No matter where in the building the incident has happened the first aiders are notified of the location and able to go directly to that location. This method of recalling first aiders on site has been proved to save peoples life's here in the UK in major companies and is a vital piece equipment that warehouses/manufacturing/healthcare sectors should all carefully consider.

Pronto Call Button for Emergency Use.

The Pronto Call Buttons allow customers or staff to call for service. The 6 button system allows people to choose a specific service they require. These six buttons can be programmed to your exact needs. Whether its for staff or for customers the buttons are low cost and very flexible for most styles of business. Improve your staffs productivity and your first aiders response time with the Pronto Push for Service call button.

The Pronto can operate on battery or mains operation.