14 Day Trial Period

We offer up to a 14 day trial period for all of our wireless call points. This is a trial that can help our customers determine how well our equipment operates in their premises.

We have offered a trial period for all equipment since back in 2001. This allows customers to ensure that no extra equipment such as signal boosters are needed on site. Every customers site is different and trials make sure that our equipment is suitable for your exact needs.

And of course trialing equipment confirms that we operate a very trustworthy and reliable source for your supply of communications equipment. Ensuring that communications products are 'right' for your site and your business is important and the only real way to ensure this is to trial the equipment. Ensuring this sort of product works for you is essential but we have heard many times about customers of competitive companies where products have let the customer down. In our case, we stand by our products and if it does not work for you there is simply no obligation on your part to keep it!

Unfortunately, often competitors will either offer a trial that is basically entrenched in rules or they simply don't offer any trial at all. All trial equipment from us is on a return basis in case the equipment does not work for you.

Whether you need to try any of our tracker devices, our OEM transmitters, staff or customer messaging, emergency or first aid call buttons or any of the other devices we have you can trial most of it. Clearly though, for specialised one off products we could not go to the trouble of making a custom device for a trial. Custom equipment is unique as the name implies and so we could not make and then trial that sort of equipment.

We have extremely few solutions returned from a trial and most customers, once they use the equipment, are incredibly happy that we have resolved their communication problems - some of which they have been struggling with for years.

When a trial is agreed with a customer, usually we only send out a small batch of pagers. For example, if you have 50 staff and they all need pagers then even one pager used throughout the site will confirm the results for your site. As a company involved with messaging for many years we are experts in what we do and it's pretty unlikely that our conclusions from any trial would be incorrect. In fact since 1989 when we started we have never had a single case where our conclusions were wrong!

We look forward to talking with you about our equipment and products and services so please do fill out our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


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