Paging Devices for Manufacturing Facilities

Our call points buttons and health and safety products (including first aid buttons) are some of the best call systems that are available, but only cost a fraction of the price of most other companies. Staff are able to recall first aiders instantly from anywhere in the factory. Our manufacturing call buttons improve response time and decrease the chances of people getting seriously injured on site.
We also have available our multi dry contact oem-tx board that can be installed in CNC machines and report when there is an error in the case of unattended equipment..

Butler XP - Emergency Call

Push for First Aid

Our butler XP was in fact developed for a really different use than manufacturing, but the truth is, that the butler XP is almost bombproof. It works on our power supply and is probably the lowest cost highest quality device on the market today. Where health and safety or first aid needs instant notification on-site is required there is no time to lose - it could cost someone their life. This little unit will page either you, a group of people or everyone with just one button press for a FAST response.

This unit can send out a message - and page again until responded to by the necessary personnel - then, when you swipe a pager over the front of the unit, it can send out another message to tell everyone that the problem has been attended to - if that's what you need. If you don't? We just turn that feature off.

An essential piece of equipment that is available for many styles of business. If you need more information on this item please fill in our online contact form or call us today on 01782 537000 we will be happy to provide you with all the specs and benefits of this product. 

  • Improve first aiders response times
  • Can be wall mounted for easy access
  • Locate where a incident has happened
  • Can page groups or individuals


Multi Dry contact - Multi use transmitter

The OEM-TX multi button transmitter is a unique unit for manufacturers, retail and other business styles and can easily be used for monitoring equipment (or people), health & safety or first aid. The OEM TX can be integrated into machinery and buttons. For example, if you operate a number of CNC machines that are unmanned, this little board can monitor the machine operation and if there is a problem then notify staff about the error.

  • 7 dry contacts (open or closed) If the state changes then the transmitter will send a message
  • Can use multiple 'buttons' on the dry contacts so its like having seven buttons
  • Extended range signal boosters available
  • Uses 459.100Mhz

More products

Staff Pagers

Compatible with all call buttons and the OEM-TX board. The 4 Line alphanumeric can be very informative if needed or kept simple for example "assistance need at point 4" Available with a cradle the staff pagers can be fitted on a belt so that staff have them close at all time. More on staff pagers

Health and Safety

Reliable, Robust and easy to use H&S call buttons available for all sectors. Improve first aiders response time and potentially save lives with our emergency call buttons.

OEM-TX Alarm Integration

Alarm integration system can inform staff and customers that an alarm has been triggered, This is useful for when staff are working heavy machinery or you have a deaf guest /member of staff. The OEM-TX can be integrated into almost anything. Perfect for machinery.