Custom and designer call buttons are our Speciality along with first aid and emergency call systems. Our pricing reflects the highest quality devices available for a 'great value' result.



Our quality is second to none. Artisans create these designer and custom call buttons that will work in almost any decor. For the discerning customer these are first choice units.



Service is not an after thought and each and every one of our products comes with our famous 3 year warranty. Any issues and our engineers will solve your problems quickly.

About LRS UK

About Long Range Systems UK Ltd
Long established company operating the LRS UK office since 2001.

LRS is a world wide pager manufacturer but is moving forward in to new technologies starting in 2020. LRS (based in Dallas TX, USA) started back in 1993 when they invented the very first coaster pager in the world. Since then LRS has continued to develop and create many world leading highly effective products that are designed for customers exact needs. We have even been known to offer custom modifications where necessary (assuming volume orders) for specific clients.

We offer many other communications solutions as well as paging systems around the world. From restaurant paging systems to NHS staff call buttons, We have a substantial number of paging solutions (and other technologies) to offer to your business. To find out more information on our other systems please visit out online shop or better still we can be contacted via our contact form or call 01782 537000.

This is one of the websites of the LRS UK offices. We have operated as LRS UK since 2001 and have grown exponentially since when the offices were first opened. We are still growing today - even through some uncertain times in business with governments and economy changes simply because our products are unique and offer exactly what is needed to enhance their business.

While many of the products on this website are available through other offices around the world, some of them such as our new quality designer call buttons can only be purchased from us in the UK. This is because we have developed these solutions ourselves and other offices don't have them available. Over the years we have offered a number of unique solutions that have been custom made in the UK to the exact needs of our customers.

We offer the highest level of support for all of our products and customer services make regular calls (or from your account manager) to check everything is working fine. As well as regular support we also offer 3 year warranty on all of our systems here at LRS UK. No other company offers this extended warranty against manufacturing defects for free. We have a 14 day FREE TRIAL available for all customers too - ask for details.

If you need more information about our products or about us as a company then please fill in our online form or call us on 01782 537000 and a member of staff will be able to help and advise which solutions will work best for your needs.