Messaging systems used for disabled.

We manufacture a number of products that can be useful where disabled people need assistance of some kind. Our solutions are sold world wide in many other sectors also and are tried and tested. The call buttons for disabled persons help them to call for help or assistance instantly, our call buttons will send a page to the text pager, SMS or telephone line immediately once pressed. As well as these featured products ask us about the RSU unit that can sent text SMS messages, emails or landline telephone calls offsite.

Butler XP

Call for Help

The Butler XP for use with disabled users can be utilized in two ways. The first is the obvious one where there is a call point for the disable person to press. This pages someone to come and help. Using the optional RSU unit allows offsite calls.

The second use is where you give the disabled person the Butler XP and they have it with them (usually in a designated area); when they need help they page someone at the press of a button. Slightly different uses but both are valid for this unit.

Our Butler XP used as a call button or call point, push button paging with the Butler XP will increase efficiency in many areas of the business - but in any type of disabled paging situation its a powerful product.

  • Can be wall mounted next to beds
  • Improves staff response times
  • Decreases the chance of serious injuries
  • Pages staff instantly
  • Robust, Easy to use solution


6 button Call for help

The Pronto call for assistance button can be used so a disabled person can call for help or assistance. With each button configured to your exact needs you are able to assist instantly once the pronto call button has been pressed..

Once the unit has been pressed it can send a page to a group or a individual and who ever is closest to the call can then assist. If the call has been dealt with and other staff are no longer needed you can then cancel the page using your staff pager only. Using the RSU optional unit can message off-site.

The pronto call button can have 6 different messages and can be sent to 6 different members of staff who deal with that certain request or of course, an emergency button central on the pronto can be paged out to all member of staff for a fast-immediate response.

  • Can be wall mounted next to beds
  • 6 Custom Buttons
  • Improve response time
  • Group or individual messaging

More products

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Staff pagers are needed with all buttons. These robust text messaging units have been tried and tested in most industries throughout the world. Find out more about our staff recall pagers

Health and Safety

Health and safety call buttons, first aid call buttons, bedside nurse call buttons and warehouse call buttons. Customers/Patients and staff can call for first aiders in emergency situations.

OEM-TX Fire Alarm

The OEM-TX can be integrated into almost anything. In fire alarms. Deaf people can now be notified via an text pager to leave the building immediately when a fire alarm is triggered.