LRS UK Warranty

Here in the UK we have offered the best warranty available in the pager business since back in 2001 - a three year no quibble warranty against manufacturing defects.

There is no other company involved in wireless call point solutions or paging in general that offers what we do with warranty which can also be as long as *3 years from the purchase date.

Our solutions are often abused and misused - they have a tough life in the many sectors of business we supply that's a fact. That's why we make them the way we do - to last for a long time. Being robust to withstand the rigours of abuse is a natural thing to include in the designs. Typically a paging system should last at least five years but sometimes that does not happen because of abuse of equipment or other similar reasons.

Our warranty covers all manufacturing defects that happen throughout the warranty period which is one to three years depending on the type of customer we supply. In the case of corporate customers we offer usually a one year warranty because corporate clients buy at high volumes for very low pricing. But many of our customers are far smaller companies and as a way of 'helping' them we offer those types of smaller companies a three year warranty against manufacturing defect faults.

What does that mean? Well it means that if any of our products fail from being made badly or parts internally fail that should not have, then we will honour the warranty for you. It does NOT mean replacing equipment that is abused in any way, or have been lost, stolen, dropped in water or similar issues beyond our control.

14 Day Trial Period

Lastly we do offer a 14 day trial period for paging systems and call points if you really need it. We were the very first to offer this sort of trial (although others have copied us these days) that can confirm that the equipment is satisfactory for range and other technical issues on your site. You will find that often other suppliers either skimp on warranty or trial periods or both.

Don't believe us? Check those guys out for yourself... remember we told you so and we hear from competitors customers daily where warranties are not honoured, or replacement pricing has doubled from what the original purchase price was when new.

Trust us to help... that's why we're still in business.


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