Retail & Table Call Buttons & Wireless Call Points

Our retailing and Table Call Points and Call Buttons with associated products in to the retail and pub and bar business has grown continuously over several years but now with social distancing it's essential. Customers and staff in the shops are able to recall other members of staff for assistance instantly and our latest call buttons can also be used in emergency situations as panic buttons or when there is a threat. For restairnats pubs and bars where customers or guests are concerned allow customers to contact staff easily and instantly for any one of at least SIX different reasons and enhance the customer experience.


Table Call Button & Push For Assistance

The 6 button pronto call buttons are stand alone units; they are low cost and operate from just two AAA batteries or can be mains operated if necessary. When these are used for the benefit of guests or customers the benefits to the company are obvious. Social distancing by default, and highly increased experience which customers and guests love. Lowest cost highest quality there is with those six buttons fully programmable. Ask about our new designer custom call buttons that offer incredible value while retaining highest quality features.

Give customers the convenience of “on-demand” service with the 6 button pronto table call button system. When customers need service, they just press a button of choice, an instant message is sent directly to staff and staff appear like magic. In restaurants, the pronto can send a silent message to a text pager. It works in six-button or single-button mode.

These units keep customers happier because they are attended to their needs faster and you are able to offer a substantially increased efficiency - even more so when customers are limited to table service, setting your company above any competitor. The pronto also helps to maintain a high level of staff productivity

  • 6 Button Push for Service product FeaturesEasy to Install
  • Easy to Install
  • Programmable buttons (i.e. any message)
  • Operates on (2) AAA battery or mains
  • Battery life is 6 to 8 months depending on usage
  • Visual alert message when battery is low
  • Manager and staff paging directly

Butler XP 

Ruggedised & Powerful

We have sold these units in retailing as help points for mother and child and for disabled customers to call for help. These XP units are extremely robust  and lend themselves to exactly this use. Also used as emergency call points or panic buttons; low cost units with excellent range in open air applications. We have range extenders if you need them too.

  • Transmits up to 1/4 mile (More than any other product available)
  • Each transmitter sends one custom message
  • Repeat message with cancel option - brilliant for retailing
  • 100% tamper proof
  • Can message directly to pager
  • Operates from power supply for extra range
  • Guarantees social distancing for everyone

High Quality Call Buttons & Call Points

Deluxe Call Buttons

Our new configurable custom designed push for service call buttons. These high quality buttons are perfect for customers to recall staff to the tills or fitting rooms. They look great and are available in many different colours and can be created to suit almost any type of decor or surrounding.

Staff in retail can be very busy and tills are not always operated maybe due to shortage of staff, this call for service button allows customers to recall staff in need of assistance and that can reduce walk away sales. We also offer call buttons for staff to recall other members of staff to help out at the tills.

The perfect solution for staff recall in the retail sector.

  • Easy to Install
  • Compatible with the text pagers we sell
  • Manager and staff paging directly
  • Custom design for any decor
  • Operates from just one small battery
  • Extended range signal booster available optionally

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