Our latest devices

Below are some of the call buttons and other systems like CaptureCall that we offer; emergency call buttons and push for service paging solutions for most types of business, whether its to call first aiders in an emergency to the scene of an accident, waiters or front of house to customers or even for guests on super yachts. Our call buttons help improve customers satisfaction and in emergency incidents they have proven on a number of occasions to save lives.
The OEM transmitter as shown below has recently been updated to handle the problem of under age gamblers on FOBT machines and is capable of notifying staff in pubs and bars that someone is using the machine.
As you will see our new PFS quality call buttons if you examine those further that they are completely redesigned and as small as just 50mm (2 inches) wide and 30mm high. Exclusively developed in-house in the UK they are not available from any other company. Made of materials that do not affect the range in any way they are the perfect choice to call staff at the press of a button. An alternative is the metalised button shown below. however those are available from other companies but they tend to suffer from severe short range and require other equipment to make them work effectively. Our new PFS buttons work perfectly at full range all the time due to extensive in-field testing before production.

Check out the Table Call Buttons for restaurants, pubs and bars that ensure social distancing and inhance guest experiences.

Many of these products are used throughout the UK and Ireland and Iceland if developed by our office, but LRS products are used throughout the world by many tens of thousands of users. All products come with a three year warranty against manufacturing defects.
If you need more in depth information about our products then please call LRS UK or contact us via our contact form.

Call About XP

The Butler XP - The robust emergency call button/call point. The XP allows someone to page or message  instantly first aiders or security staff.

Call About Pronto

The 6 button push for service Table Call Point works as a stand alone unit & is battery powered. Recall staff to tills or staff to table with the Pronto call button. 

Call About PFS

The new high quality push for service custom designer call button allows guests to recall staff or waiters. The call buttons are available in many colours to suit any decor.

Call About CB

The press for service call button is completely different to our other buttons, this button is metalised which does decrease the range, But where this design is needed this is a choice.

Call About OEM-TX

The OEM-TX 7 dry contact unit can be integrated into fire alarms, door bells and more. This allows staff to be recalled when an alarm is triggered.

Call About CCT

CaptureCall technology allows you to see all data about call buttons that are pressed on an on-screen display. Perfect for data reporting & messaging.