Unique push for service call buttons

Our highest quality designer and custom push for service buttons are perfect for restaurants, bars, super yachts, front of house and many other uses. With our call buttons customers/guests no longer have to shout for a waiters or get staff attention in other ways they can simply press a button and someone will attend to their needs.

These products have been developed over many years and offer many features including optional extended range, reporting, data collection, tablet messaging and other features.

On close examination these units come in a number of colours, some with different coloured top plates that can be engraved to customise the buttons even further... but whatever you choose, the quality, value and support cannot be beaten.

Examples include:





New Designer Call Button


The new designer deluxe call button is perfect for high end restaurants, super yachts, bars and other quality venues. Customers can easily recall staff for service or help instantly, without the trouble of having to look for staff.

This call button is very unique and is in fact the only one of its kind on the market.

Available in a range of colours (as shown on the colour table) and options, the call button can be completely customised to your needs, from the casing to the actual button itself...you are now able to brand your call button in ways you never realised before.

Highest quality materials have been used throughout and these call buttons work with LRS pagers. Unlike other call buttons on the market, these designer buttons can use our range extenders and other optional equipment for a full compliment of high end features. Ask us for full details.

Brand your own call buttons with your branded colour! There is plenty of different colours to choose from so that the call button will 100% suit your interior and your brand. From top to bottom the whole button can be changed to a colour that suits your business more and is also available in number of colours, for example you can have the bottom black and the top red or gold, Whatever you want it to be!

  • Red
  • Black
  • Grey
  • White
  • Oak

There are many more colours. Check slide 5 too see many of them. And with changing colours we have hundreds of custom designs that are not available anywhere else.

Other Call For Service Buttons

Now including Table Call Buttons

Our small call button allows customers to recall staff instantly no matter where in the building or yacht they are. Whilst improving your customers satisfaction the call buttons can also increase the amount of drinks or food the customer orders.

Without a call button system on the table customers in restaurants can get frustrated trying to recall the waiter and by time they have managed to get the waiters attention they are no longer interested in purchasing more drinks or food. 

The Original Call Button

High quality call buttons for high end restaurants, bars, yachts and many more industry's. The wooden call button box is available in a range of colours. The call button is table based and can be fixed down if needed. Once the button is pressed it will page a alphanumeric text pager which waiters and staff carry with them at all times. The system can improve your customers satisfaction massively because staff are quicker and more professional.

Table Call Button

Contact Staff Instantly with the table call buttons for guests or customers pronto call points. The 6 buttons can be configured to suit your business. The pronto allows guests or staff to call for service whether its front of house, waiter or a manager.

Instant 6 buttons on the table in any restaurant pub or bar with these table call buttons ensures social distancing and improved guest experience. No other company has this!