Emergency Call Buttons & Call Points: Health & Safety.

Our emergency call points and call buttons as used throughout the UK for health & safety and first aid solutions are extensive and cover a whole range of equipment in the wireless paging area as well as SMS Text notifications, email notification and landline calls if needed. By using our equipment with the RSU optional interface it's possible to message off-site easily. These emergency systems have been used over and over again here in the UK and Southern Ireland with great success. Ask for references.

Butler XP: H&S

Emergency Help

 Its important in health and safety that staff, customers and patients are able to instantly call for help. The butler XP once pressed can message first aid staff or a security team instantly, and will improve their response times incredibly. Once the situation has been handled and a first aider or security have shown up to the call point, they can then cancel the message via the Butler XP. This is so the other members of staff who received the message for help know its been dealt with. For a serious emergency all messaged personnel will arrive.

This call button is essential for most industry's where staff or guests could get hurt, they are also suitable for hospital bedside call buttons (along with the Pronto system) allowing patients to call for a nurse or doctor immediately - essentially saving lives. 

  • Transmits up to 150 metres but can be boosted
  • 100% tamper proof
  • Each transmitter sends one custom message
  • Messages directly to pager (no hardwiring required)
  • Messages one person or entire groups of people (up to 99 groups)
  • Mains powered
  • Dimensions: 2.75” x 7” x 1.375”USB interface.


6 button Call for help

The Pronto push button allows anyone in need to call for assistance instantly. With 6 buttons there is many departments staff or customers can call for whether its first aid, security, staff or manager. By having the pronto call button available for customers or staff it improves your response time which is important, especially when its an emergency situation.

The Pronto can have each buttons customized for you exact sector.

  • SIX call Buttons
  • Completely custom to your business and use
  • Pages the 4 Line alphanumeric text pager
  • Improves response time


Multi Point Call Button

OEM-TX multi dry contact multi point call button and call point or monitoring. This unit is brand new but can be used extensively in manufacturing and/or machine use for monitoring (for example).

  • SEVEN dry contacts (open or closed) If the state changes then the transmitter will page you
  • Can use multiple 'buttons' on the dry contacts so its like having 7 buttons
  • Uses 459.100Mhz Robust novel design and can be stand alone depending on configuration
  • Improves Response Times

More products

First Aiders Pagers

Once the health and safety button has been pressed it instantly pages our first aid pagers.  When first aiders have the pager and the call button has been activated they can immediately attend to the crisis. Find out more on First Aid pagers


Disabled Users

Call Buttons available specifically for disabled users. Our easy to use call buttons can be used for disabled who need to call for help. All our disabled user call buttons can be wall mounted or on the table top for easy simple access. Call for Help

OEM-TX Alarm Integration

Fire Alarm Paging, Once a fire alarm is triggered it instantly sends a message to deaf people, managers or careers to inform them to leave the building immediately. Engineers can also be informed in the case of false alarms.