Fire Alarm Emergency and Security Integration.

Our ground breaking OEM transmitter is a multi use device and one which shows off some of the very latest technologies. This unit was developed by LRS UK and is only available from our UK offices.
Some while ago the UK changed the law regarding deaf persons visiting a premises and in particular if you have visitors then this could apply to you. Companies have to provide an alternative method for the deaf when they visit your site and a fire alarm or other emergency system sounds. While this sounds simple, in reality that is generally not the case. But we have an answer that can help.
This small board is really a transmitter with seven contacts that can trigger when the state is changed from open to closed or vice versa. The unit will then message (an individual, a group or everyone) a pager or other device with optional extras to inform of the problem. It is simple to add this to any alarm system, whether fire, emergency or even for security use within the premises for a low cost highly efficient solution and to keep within the law in the UK.

OEM-TX Board

Fire Alarm Integration

Integrate paging systems in to a fire alarm so that when the fire alarm is triggered it instantly notifies anyone using a pager; perfect for notifying deaf people that they should leave the building immediately when an alarm is triggered, but also useful for security purposes or staff attack incidents.

While the OEM-TX is short range (around 100 to 150 metres) this unit benefits from being able to use our high powered signal boosters that can increase the range up to two miles in open air.

  • The OEM-TX includes up to 7 dry contacts fully programmable
  • Seven dry contacts (either on or off state change)
  • Can be used as a stand alone unit easily
  • Integrates with our paging systems for messaging notifircation
  • Powered from 5-24 volts DC

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